CJ House

Renovation of an attic apartment
Milan (IT)
(Construction phase in progress)

The house as a story, the story of a family in which every component is like a chapter of a bigger book. Every space is a specific ambient in which the story of the family happens. A house of stories: the parents domain, the girl room, the event hall, the precious casket of the love for food, the jolly (multipurpose) room, the azulejos rooms…finally the inhabitants will make the plot.

Type: Apartment renovation
Commission: Private commission
Location: Milan (IT)
Dates: 2019
Concept, Architecture Design, Furniture Design : Quinzii Terna Architecture
Collaborators: Dragana Mikavica, Enisa Selmanaj, Cris Skenderi,
Furniture production: Falegnameria Bini Antonio
Photographies: QTA