Borgo Senaghino

Commission for the design of a new residential settlement in
Senago (MI), Italy
2017 – in progress

What is a contemporary Borgo?

Few kilometres from the centre of Milan, we are designing a new neighbour of 25 dwellings, where the individuality of each home emerges strongly to create a sum of peculiar characters, as it happens in the historical part of the town, that faces the new intervention.

The inhabitants can individuate easily their houses and access directly from the public area, within a small shared complex, which resembles the proportions, the views and the intimate relationships of the ancient, existing, village (Borgo Senaghino).

A big common garden becomes the point of attraction of the new community, enriching the urban surrounding and defining a powerful connection with the inhabited spaces. 

The new Borgo offers a strong diversity in the way of living with a great richness of house typologies and house dimensions. Everyone can find home!

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Type: New residential neighborhood
Commission: CCL_Consorzio Cooperative Lavoratori
Location: Milan (IT)
Dates: 2017 – present
Concept, Architecture Design, Urban Design : Quinzii Terna Architecture
Collaborators: Fabio Casirati, Roberta Fiorentino, Dragana Mikavica, Giovanni Saputo, Enisa Selmanaj, Cris Skenderi
Models:  Quinzii Terna Architecture