AAA Architetticercasi Residential Settlement

AAA architetti cercasi International competition for a social housing complex
Milan (IT)

Honorable mention

Competition for the design of social housing complex in the city of Milan. One unique module can contain every space of a house. Each person can decide to buy as many spaces as he/she can economically afford and then begins to domesticate them. To domesticate means decide where to put the kitchen, the bathroom and all the other objects. This is technologically possible with a raised floor and prefabricated wood walls.

Published in:
Abitare la densita. La citta delle cooperative di abitanti, curated by Paolo Mazzoleni, Quodlibet, 2011

Type/Program: Urban Masterplan – Residential Neighbour
Client: Confcooperative – Federabitazione Lombardia, LegaCoop Abitanti Lombardia, EuroMilano
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2010
Data: Site area 10.600 mq
Gross Floor Area 19.500 mq
Status: International competition – Honorable Mention
Project Team: QTA + Moataz Faissal Farid