Fiume Verde / Green River

International call for a strategic vision about the redevelopment of Milan’s dismissed rail yards
Milan, Italy

QTA has been invited by Stefano Boeri (team leader) to be part of the team, as Under 40 Architectural and Urban Design practice, together with Arup and MIC (Transportation, Infrastructure and urban strategy) and Studio Laura Gatti (Environment and Landscape design)

QTA contributed in the improvement of the urban strategies in the Fiume Verde project (The Green River), recognizing the fundamental role of the sustainable mobility in the development of the Circle Line of Milan, designing it as a new line of Metro: by using the existing railways and by completing the ring in the West part of the city, the Circle Line will become the new M6 of Milan.

Thanks to this approach, the railway system will be updated, re-organizing the movements of the people and of the goods: in this way Milan will proceed to the goal of becoming a car-free city, where the flows of transportation will be, for the most part, ecological.

QTA, furthermore, proposed to intensify the use of the existing railway system with a green corridor with an integrated and continuous cycling/pedestrian infrastructure that could become the new Cycle Line of Milan, providing 45 km of the path around the city: a new perspective and a new way to look at the urban space.

This infrastructure will integrate the national and international network of pedestrian and cycling routes and it will connect urban and regional parks, transforming Milan in the active knot inside the urban pattern, promoting the connections between the mineral centre and the natural outskirts.

The city of the future will be a place of enjoyable living, which can host not only fast connections but also slow movements and a rich mix of functions in a great variety of horizontal and vertical typologies.

It will be a city where living is not only staying in a home and working in an office but includes also a lazy wandering around the urban surrounding, where natural and artificial mix together in a strong, bio-diverse, bond.

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Type/Program: Strategic Urban Vision – Urban Masterplan
Client: Sistemi Urbani  (Italian Railway Network), Municipality of Milan
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2017
Project Team: Stefano Boeri Architetti + QTA (Architectural and Urban Strategy and Design), ARUP + MIC (Transportation, Infrastructure and Urban Strategy), Studio Laura Gatti (Environment and Landscape Design)
Data: Strategic Site Area 1.000.000 mq
Site Area Masterplan (Farini, Romana, Rogoredo) 676.000 mq
Status: International call for a strategic vision
Collaborator: Fabio Casirati