HUB Leonardo temporary exhibition

Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, Italy
May 2015


Four new pavilions in the Magnolia courtyard of Stelline Palace and one in Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie. 

The volumes are the regular platonic solids illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci for Luca Pacioli, sort of set preparation for the exhibition about Leonardo in the main volume. The tetrahedron contains the bookshop and the ticket office, the Esahedron hosts the bar, the Icosahedron gives space to children’s workshops, the Rombicuboctahedron is the info point in the famous plaza.

All are dematerialized with light and bright materials or textures as pure graphic scenic machines.

Construction phase

Design phase

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Published in:
Lorenzo Degli Esposti (ed.), MCM – Milano capitale del Moderno, Actar Publishers, New York, 2017

Type/Program: Exhibition pavilions
Client: Fondazione Stelline
Location: Palazzo delle Stelline and Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan (IT)
Year: 2015
Status: Built
Data: Site Area 1500 sqm
Gross Floor Area 600 sqm
Collaborators: Milica Alempic, Daniele Bonetti, Milica Cudic, Patrizia Scrugli
Consultant: FEBR – Studio Ferrari Brocajoli (Engeneering)
Furniture production: Supercake
Exhibition artist: Studio Azzurro
Photographs: QTA