Selargius Kindergarten

A journey around my school

International Competition for a Kindergarten in a botanical garden
Italy 2016

Honorable mention.

Surrounded by a concentrated landscape of plant essences, between the amazing Sardinian and Selargina biodiversity, we begin a voyage of discovery in which the wonder for the exotic turns into wonder for what we have precious, without knowing, around our feet.
Under the intense sun, among the thick shadows of the trees, we recognize the new Kindergarten, a building that comes from the earth, made with earth bricks, illuminated at the top by a lace pierced, which signals its presence, a new meeting point for the local community.
“I made that brick,” a mother tells to her son, mindful of the period of the construction site, a sort of festival of the village, in which they had rediscovered ancient technologies harmonized with the most innovative.
“And you know that from the centre of the Agora you can see the whole garden?” the child answered, enthusiastic about the built building, on the first day of school.

Type/Program : Education – Kindergarten
Client: Miur (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)
Location: Selargius, Cagliari, Italy
Year: 2016
Data: Site area 6650 mq
Gross Floor Area 3500 mq
Status: International competition – Honorary mention
Collaborator: Fabio Casirati
Consultant: FEBRStudio Ferrari e Brocajoli (Engineering)