A School as a small city – New school complex in Milan

International Competition for the kindergarten, nursery school, primary school and junior high school
Milan, Italy 2019

Immersed in an agricultural landscape, an element of historical memory and urban regeneration, the school has close connections with the surrounding territory, through rows of trees and arcades that engage the school functions that open it to the city, structuring a set of buildings with a well-defined identity, recognizable characters within the area.
The school is a campus, a micro-city, whose spaces follow the evolution of the educational process of the students: in the nursery, it is intimate, collected, almost domestic, while in the secondary school large, shared, almost public.
Young citizens can find here a tailor-made city, a training ground for urban life, where they can experiment in a protected environment.

The city is captured by the campus system: public buildings along the border create a new urban front that dialogues between the two realities, but with separate entry flows: it will be possible to enter without accessing the school precinct, so as to keep the school protected.
From an early age, children will experience the relationship with public space; the functions will be open to all schools, with a growing complexity: the library will promote reading; the canteen will have an educational kitchen that, in synergy with the gardens, will allow experiencing the production process, preparation, tasting and recycling, creating ecological awareness and nutritional well-being; gym and auditorium will be used by the whole community, becoming real neighborhood services and making the school life beyond school hours.

Type/Program : Education – Nursery and School
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2019
Data: Site area 31.396 sqm
Gross Floor Area 10.115 sqm
Status: International competition
Collaborator: Fabio Casirati, Dragana Mikavica