The Collection of Everything Exhibition

Spatial and Exhibition Design 2nd year 1st semester
East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

18 tables host 72 maquettes, results of the work of the students in the course of Fundamentals of Architecture. 4 maquettes for each student; 4 exercises named with 4 different dichotomies, which represent 4 basic ways to describe the architecture, fundamental adjectives linked to architectural space. Students created an archive of models and drawings, in different dimensions and scales: it is a collection of meanings, the point zero of the long journey through the architecture experience. They are showing a final Exhibition of Everything, that will describe the fundamental skill acquired by the students to deal with architecture and its main features:  materials, dimensions, proportions, lights, forms, layouts, presentations. In order to create different layers of reading and different meanings, students developed their projects within some limits: a specific function (a shelter, a temple, a sport facility, a house); a design based on an exceptional existing project; a specific material; an action associated to the material; a scale; a  specific kind of drawing. Finally, they reached a solid background for conceptual investigations.

Type/Program: Academic
Client: East China Normal University, Domus Academy
Location: Shangai, China
Year: 2016- 2017
Collaborator: Fabio Casirati
Adjunt Professor: Xianya Xu