Urban Archipelago

International competition for Aviapolis Urban Blocks
Vantaa, Helsinki, Finland

Honorary Mention

The project promotes a strong living-diversity for the future city of Aviapolis, in order to recreate the fundamental features of an interesting urban-scape within what now is a set of huge suburban blocks.
To achieve this result, we propose to start from the main peculiarities of Finland landscape: a wild nature and a network of public connections.
The area is indeed surrounded by a natural landscape, close to the boundaries of Aviapolis, that finds hard to enter in the inner part of the city. The project, therefore, wants to define Aviapolis not only as a logistic and transportation hub, mainly influenced by the presence of the airport but also as the core of a green territory, linked together thanks to the presence of the city. Aviapolis will be the active knot inside the urban pattern, promoting the connections between the mineral centre and the natural outskirts.

To achieve this result the project proposes a new approach for what is defined as an Aerotropolis: enlarge to the maximum dimensions the presence of green inside the neighbour and foster architecture diversity in the blocks, as beautifully happens in the historical European towns.

Published in:
2017 BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA PISA – catalogo a cura di Associazione LP, Luca Molinari, Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi.

More info: 

Type/Program: Urban Masterplan
Client: Vantaa Municipality and local private landowners
Location: Vantaa, Helsinki, Finland
Year: 2017
Data: Site Area 156.000 mq
Gross Florr Area 180.000 mq
Status: International competitionHonorable Mention
Collaborator: Fabio Casirati